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• 11/3/2018

Done with the nonsense

What the heck is going on with the wiki?! I've been trying to save the wiki from extinction and no one is helping me. Everyone is thinking i'm a newbie who wants to save the wiki from evil doers but in reality is a fan who just wants to save the wiki. 1st you don't end a story based series like you did and second,this is not who you are. This wiki can be fixed but everyone seems like they think it is run down. Before anyone responds to this,The Millard High Wiki... everyone had fun writing stories. And it's sad that's it has gone on hiatus. And what do I get? Just jargon comments about the wiki is still dead and go find another wiki like this. No one is treating me right...

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• 11/27/2017

Welcome to Discussions!

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Have fun!
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• 8/17/2015

Blatant Advertising

New Forum post on the other wiki can be found right here. 
What else were you expecting from the title?
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• 7/24/2015

The End

Alright, I'm going to get serious here. Like really serious. 
We all know the Millard High RP as been going on a long time. Like a very, very long time. we've played less than a whole school year of story in the span of nearly 6 real world years. In that time, characters develop, even outside the bounds of the story, but in ways where they stop matching the vision we have for them. I've always said I consider the Millard High RP and Alternate Universe to the canon stories that my OCs are a part of. That is because, since the creation of the role play, my characters and their story has developed so far beyond how they are in the RP that you might as well not consider them the same people.
Six years as made the plot is a jumbled mess and I'm honestly running out of ideas for it. And this isn't a request for more ideas, cause I am absolutely burnt out on the RP. In full honesty, I don't want to do it anymore. But, I still want to RP, and when the Millard High RP is all we got, I feel i have to force myself to come up with idea's strict to the Millard High RP. I have so many other role play ideas  and story ideas, but none of them ever take off because of this RP. I want to move on, and there are others on this site that I know are also ready to move on.
Point is, i don't have an ending to Millard High. The plot is so broken at this point, I couldn't come up with one even if i really REALLY tried. It's not gonna end outside of petering out and dying. I don't have ideas, and I don't know where to take this RP. I have idea's for other ones, just not Millard High. So I'm thinking we should probably end it. 
But I'll leave it up to you guys, if you all want to keep the RP going, by all means, keep it going. But, I'm leaving. I'm going to work on my novel and other projects. Seeing as this place dies whenever I'm not here anymore, I think it's safe to say that the RP will just die anyway. If you REALLY want to still role play with me, I have a wiki designed for all kinds of types of roleplays, so we're not restricted. The MMO RP is ripe for new ideas and adventures and I'd love to have you all there.
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• 6/2/2015

Chat/IRC/Shoutbox Memories?

Have any good shoutbox, chat, or IRC memories? (on here or MSW)
Any screenshots of funny conversations, or when you secretly cussed on the MSW IRC? Or just good memories? Post 'em here.
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• 5/4/2015

Where do you get Sims 4 cc?

I'm not really a fan of The Sims 4, but I'm trying to get into it, but I don't like the way the characters look. I've gotten a couple things from TSR but I've heard it's dangerous, and I only use ModTheSims from TS2. Most other creators use MediaFire (which I won't use) or haven't done Sims 4 yet (like Anna Maria and others). So where do u get your CC? Sorry for making this so long btw
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• 3/28/2015

OC Fusion!

Okay, so this is inspired by a show, I'll admit that right now. So if any of you are familiar with the show, Steven Universe, than you may know about gem fusions, which is when any two of the worlds magical gem people fuse into a new, stronger gem. The by product of this is the gem is a combination of the character design features and their personalities. In a way you can also compare it to sprite combinations like Erisol, Fefeta, Tavris and ARquius if you are more familiar with Homestuck. I thought the idea was so cool that I wanted to make a character design challenge based around the idea.
The challenge goes as follows, take any two of your OCs and mash them together into a new character. The character with be a combination of all of the characters feature, including hair style and clothing (so it's not just combining genetics) as well as merging their personalities together.
Here are a few of mine as an example;

Krisiby's fused weapon. Krisiby is a fusion of Kristine and Ibby. She is a strong and focased fighter. Due to Kristine and Ibby's conflicting social dispositions, Krisiby will come off as cold and sarcastic at first, but opens up and acts quite girly and loving around those she's close to.
Marcemy is a fusion of Marc and Jeremy, (previously named Larz for Liz and Marc) Marcemy, as he is a fusion, is a shadow demon-elf Hybrid. He retains parts of his shadow demon powers and parts of his elf abilities. His status of either alive or undead is unknown. Personality wise, Marcemy is a calm, well-mannered person. Marc's chill attitude counter balances Liz's hot-headed temper, leaving Marcemy to be pretty mild-mannered in general. Marcemy is usually lost in thought most of the time. Interestingly, while he still enjoys eating, he doesn't often due to Liz's mentality that he doesn't need to eat.

Marcemy's fused weapon. Sherette
Sherrette is a fusion of Emette and Sherry. They are technically intersex due to being from both a male and a female, with their gender identity unknown. While pretty stoic, Sherette can become incredibly violent when provoked. They're both very skilled with knives an blades and blades, as well they are very fast and nimble, making them incredibly dangerous in the event that they become violent. They are technically a three-way fusion, with the demon that possesses Emette being fused along with them, making Sherette the well oiled killing machine that the two can't be alone due to Emette's stubbornness.

Sherette's fused weapon. So those are my OC's fused. I can't wait to see yours.
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• 2/12/2015

Go Third Street, go Third Street, go!

As most of you have probably noticed, I'm in...a bit of a Saints Row phase. Basically, the games are sorta like GTA, but more fun (IMO). Or at least, more fun than GTA IV. Hated that game and its god forsaken vehicle chase sequences.
But back to Saints Row. One of the coolest things 'bout the games is the character creation. I'd say they've got even more options than vanilla TS3, in some respects (it's got a lot more hairstyles, at least). You can even select the color of each part of your clothes, like in Create-a-Style. Granted, you can't choose patterns, and the colors are from a palette rather than a color wheel, but hey, that's still more than TS4.
Not askin' you guys to buy the games (although that would be cool). But you guys should try the Inauguration Station, which is basically a free demo of Saints Row IV's character creation. From what I've heard, it's got all of the clothes from the actual game, except for the DLC outfits and some unlockable ones (but I only recall there being like, five or so unlockable outfits, so it's not really much). You need Steam (which is a program similar to Origin) to download it, but yeah. I'd like to see how you guys make your OCs in it. :o
Here's my character in the game, as well as Dominick. Had to take the pictures with a camera, since I'm playin' on a PS3 and I don't wanna bother downloading the Inauguration Station on my computer, so excuse the real crappy quality:

Add a photo to this galleryJSSnippetsStack.push({dependencies:[{"url":"","type":"js"},{"url":"","type":"css"}],callback:function(json){WikiaPhotoGalleryView.init(json)},id:"WikiaPhotoGalleryView.init"})The Saints Row website's gallery thing is dead right now, so you can't upload characters. Don't think you can save 'em locally either, so you might wanna take screenshots of their sliders as well after you're done. But uh...yeah, give it a try.
(On the off chance that any of you decide to get SR3 or SR4 [on PS3], I'd be willing to help you go through the game's story on co-op, if you'd like.)
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• 2/7/2015

Millard Middle?

I've been musing over the return for a while now, and since Ibby mentioned that a Millard Middle roleplay would help her flesh out Jacob's younger sister and I want to roleplay with Reagan again like... super badly, I was wondering.
Does anyone else want to bring it back? Maybe not the Millard Middle rp that we had before, but maybe... making it moreso as a separate entity, and not basically, Millard High with younger kids.
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• 1/15/2015

Thunder Perfect Meme


We've done A LOT of character song lists, but I don't believe we've ever touched upon albums. Now, to me, albums are really important and really influential, so I started by making a chart of Howard's top 20 albums. I chose to do Howard's because he has my favorite taste of all my characters so far. (That's a lie, it's actually Harvey but Harvey's taste is really similar to mine)
I made this with, the same thing I used for my top 100 albums list, only I used the top 50 format and cropped it to 20. I'd reeeeally love to see your OCs' favorite 20 or 50 or 100 albums. Just imagine what their most played albums on would me. (P.S. here are mine and 10/10 would recommend)
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• 1/11/2015

That power is yet unknown.

Alright,'s another "character song" thread.
If your characters were in, say, a video game, what song would play whenever they're the focus? (In other words, what would be their theme song, I guess?)
Only rule is, the songs you choose have to be instrumentals (i.e., songs without lyrics).
A few examples with my characters:

Blanky: Bramble Blast (SSBB OST) or Venice Rooftops (ACII OST) (maybe with a slight preference to Bramble Blast, but both share a similar mood/tone that I think would fit)
Dominick: Menu Theme (SC:DA OST)
Samson: Rockin' K.K. (AC OST)
Achimeir: R U Still In 2 It? (Mogwai) (might be a lil' too sad but idk; might change?)
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• 12/28/2014

Train long-suffering!

I kinda wondered what one of these charts would look like with Millard High characters, so I made this.
(Dom's thing was a filler. I did the lunaii things because they were quick and easy. I actually didn't really do much to the base which is why it is gross and inaccurate lmao.)
I was trying to avoid characters from myself and inactive users, but there really aren't many villains so I stuck Clive in there for Lawful Evil. I mostly did this under the realization the Dominick is basically the epitome of true neutral. Feel free to make your own images or lists or whatever and share them here. You all have more insight than I do, enjoy my shitty MS paint art.
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• 12/15/2014

A Question On Background

Lately, I don't know if you know this, I've found myself very fond of instrumental music. Specifically traditional Irish instrumentals. I grew up listening to a lot of Celtic music, since my mother's side of the family came over from Ireland, and my dad's just always liked it.
Even though Siobhan and Shea came over from Ireland when tey were little tykes, I imagine they ended up listening to a lot of that stuff as well. Just the same, I can imagine that Shea took up the Irish penniwhistle because he could rememnber his grandfather playing it when he was younger.
My question for you is this: If any of your characters know of their family's heritage, (like where their family came from) do they ever participate in anything involving it?
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• 12/12/2014

New Rps in a New Location.

Okay so I've been mulling over idea's for new role plays that have to do Millard High so we could do them on this wiki.. Suffice to say I realized that I didn't have too many idea's that would involve specifically the plot of the Millard High RP. But then I remembered I still have my wiki, which I made specifically for us to use as a place to RP but no one really turns up to it that often. And seeing as most of my really neat idea's involve plot lines out side of the school plot, I figured that if I had a few really good RPs running on it, it's get more use out of it.
So I've compiled a list of RPs that i think woulod be really fun to do, even if some of them end up short.
Insect RP/ Tiny RP: This is an RP based on a short sitory plot dea that I had. (most of these will be.) The premise is our OCs are bugs, represented as tiny version of them with bug-like attributes added to their appearances. It would for the most part be a silly RP about our characters if the lived their lives from the perspective of an insect. 
Interdimentional RP: This premise is about our OCs being able to travel the hyperverse and enter the plot and senarios of a bunch of real life media. It would be a catch all of RPs about being in the plotline of a book, show or game, plus it would give me the oppertunity to use my character Selene in a proper RP. 
The MMO RPG: The plot line to this is something akin to Sword Art Online and something I've thought about whenever I played Maplestory. The premise would be that our OCs would all be of a group gamers that, through supporting a strange Kickstarter MMO, were sent beta copies of the game (kinda a homestuck vibe almost) but when they booted up the game, the would already have characters that looked like them set up, and clicking play would have them wind up sucked into the world of the game. From there we would could do stereotypical fantasy game quests and make some MMO game gags all the while the players knowing none of it is real and attempting to get out of the game. 
Battle Royal RP: Pretty much just as it sounds, it'd be a death match RP akin to Battle Royal, The Hunger Games, amung other shows and movies like that (that people seem to have forgotten about since the Hunger Games was released). The catch for this one would be that it would take a lot of pre-role play planning to make it work. Stuff like the rules of the game, the history behind it, how it keeps people from breaking the rules, who dies and when, the victor, amung other things. It may not be as free playing as most RPs and the downside would be that OCs would be killed perminately in RP.
Horror Movie RP: Basically, it's our OCs in a typical horror situation, perhaps a haunted house, perhaps an asylum, a spooky forest, etc. This one would have a similar downside to the Battle Royal one, where OCs could be and would be perminately killed off from the RP (unless it's zbomies or ghosts or some shit), But, it wouldn't need as much pre RP planning as in that kind of plot as RPers would be able to decide whether or not an OC will die on their own or with some collaboration with another RPer.
Okay so those are my ideas. If any of you really like one or more of them I can start them as soon as possable. Preferably I'd like to eventually do all of them at some point. if you have any idea's of your own, feel free to post them, and if every one else likes that idea too, you can make it on my RP.
And with that said, don't worrry about whether or not you can make an RP on my wiki. In the end I want it to be OUR wiki where everyone can freely do as they want on it with in reason.
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• 11/22/2014

The Simplest Genderbending.

So we all have genderbend headcanons of our OCs by this point right? We even had an RP about it. But what I have come to realize lately scrolling through fandoms is that when it comes to genderbending, people are really lazy sometimes. When going male to female, all they do is add huge breasts and the same generic long hair. And with guys it an even more generic short haired style. It was really irritating me, that was until I saw this one homestuck post. It was just a photo set of genderbending the male cast into girls, but the catch was they didn't change the length of the hair, just the style, which led to some super cute designs, and thus I had an idea.
I wanted to challenge myself to do genderbend designs of my OCs with out changing the length of their hair, and I have to say they came out quite well.

Right to left: Izzy (Ibby), Chris (Kristine), Joanna (Jeremy), Marcia (Marc), Emma (Emette), Shelden (Sherry), Natalie (Nathan), Doris ドリス (Dylan), Jessica (Jacob), Zane (Zoey), Denice (Demetri), Zelda (Zach)
Now my challange to you guys is to do the same. The rules are the outfit can be whatever you want and the hair STYLE can be whatever you want, but you CAN'T change the length of the hair. Also any medium works. I just used banned story cause it was easy. You can draw your image or use another site, but preferably use one that you've already made the original OC with (for comparison purposes).
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• 11/17/2014

Has this RP helped 'developed' your OCs better?

This RP has been going on for pretty much a while. Some OCs survived in this RP while others were completely dropped  due to many reasons. Overall,  for the ones that still stayed and you are using, has this RP helped developed your OCs at all? Not just in the RP, like ideas for stories and such.
For example, my main surviving OCs, Darren, Chantel, Jessie, and Farah. I believe Darren and Jessie got the most development out of the RP. It gave me ideas of what direction that I should take with these characters in a story that I'm doing with my main three. The other characters I had: Mercedes and Natasha, I dropped them due to not fitting reasons. Farah and Chantel got the least development through.
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• 11/17/2014

I've Got A Fever. And the only cure. Is more. Shipfics.

(only to be read in a Christopher Walken impersonation.)
So. I can't remember if we ever had a blog/forum involving this subject. But.
Let's talk about shipping.
Stances on shipping as a whole. Ships you support. Ships you wish would happen. Are there any ships you consider 'canon'? Any ships that don't go with yours? Crack ships? Maybe not even romantic relationships, but just relationships or friendships in general.
For instance: Daisy and Shea. It's a thing. Sometimes. Shea has a big crush on her. Daisy doesn't know if she recuperates. I consider their relationship a part of one of the universes I write with them.
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• 11/7/2014


I urge you all to look at this picture right here:

This pin is MINE. I made it. ME.
Also I guess I look better in photos with a slightly manic expression, because I actually don't hate this picture.
That is all.
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• 11/6/2014

Expectations and Perception.

Okay, we've all posted how we picture our own OC's  voices sound to us, but we've never really discussed what we picture in others.
So to makes things short, before you know what one of someone else's OC sounded like, how did you picture them sounding when you read their lines? Did the creators' head canon match up with yours after it was revealed?
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• 11/4/2014


So, last Thursday I went to a Halloween party in my residence hall. Being the kind of person that I am, this mostly meant sticking to a group of my friends for the whole night, awkwardly. Some time into the party, we all congregated to a larger room, and the people running the party put on music and everyone was dancing (including me, very awkward 'thumbs up' dad dance), and I couldn't help but notice how differently everyone was dancing, even when we were doing one of those group dances. Some people were dancing with the intent of being funny, others were very subdued. Some people were getting reeeeally into the dance, and others (like me) were just trying to follow along
Going off of that, if your characters were asked to dance at a party or some other place, how would they move? Would they do joke dances? Would they try dances that are the latest trend? Would they just move around how they see fit? Or would they just stand rooted to the spot?
Example: Shea, although he has a very good sense of rhythm, would more often do funny dances (i.e. Sprinkler, Lawnmower, etc.) unless he's actively trying to impress.
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