Character Info Edit

Side Good
Age 14
Role Nutcase student
Grade 10th Grade
Friends Makie Sumire and Anita
Enemies ?
Favorite Subject Gym and Computer
Least-Favorite Subject Math, Biology, and History
Controlled by Kogasa Beatrice

Azusa is an eccentric, hyperactive, 14 year-old nutcase. Despite her odd personality, she's very kindhearted, and enjoys being with anyone, even "creepy" people, she even hugs a "happy" Emette, despite knowing that he's evil. She tends to give insane answers to people when they question her (example: When people ask her where she lives, she claims she's an alien from outer space who crash landed to Earth), but will logically explain to them when she feels like it. She's also very stupid, but turns smart when she's hit. She also develops a split personality, herself when she was six. She was trained to be refined and successful by her parents, but they had a car accident when she was six, killing her parents, but Azusa survived and was left in a coma until she was ten, however she had also lost her memories thanks to this incident. She's currently living with her cousin.


  • "I know your plans, box! I know a random person will pop out! HOWEVER, we will be prepared!!!", Azusa while in the boiler room, glaring at a box.