The Boone Family is a family with American-Indian, Spanish and French roots, most of the family coming from Alabama and Louisiana.

Robert BooneEdit


Robert is the wife of Jeanne Boone and the father of Daisy and Leslie Boone. He owns a farm an hour out of town away from the High School. He has a horrible temper and was much of the cause for Leslie's anxiety as they don't really see eye to eye. He's very protective of his daughter.

Jeanne BooneEdit


Jeanne is the wife of Robert Boone and the mother of Daisy and Leslie Boone. She's very caring of her family, and opposite to her husband she is incredibly patient.

Sean BooneEdit


Sean is Daisy and Leslie's uncle, and Robert's younger brother. He's relatively young at 31, and he was 17 when Leslie was born. He lives with the Boone's and works on the farm.

Margaret 'Daisy' BooneEdit

See: Daisy Boone

Margaret 'Daisy', after being held back for failing a great deal of her classes, is a sophomore student at Milliard High. She's not really smart, but she's very outgoing and positive, always willing to make friends and help others get over their shyness. She has a passion for riding horses and has one of her own, which she called Dominoes, on account of his spotty, black and white coloring.

Leslie BooneEdit

See: Leslie Boone

Leslie is a freshman at Millard High, and is one of the tallest kids in the class. He seems a little slow and usually has a blank or confused look on his face, but he's actually quite bright. He has a bit of an anxiety problem and as a result, is either tired or nervous most of the time. He also has a bad temper and it's best if you don't make fun of him, his family, or his friends. He is a big fan of history, and excels mostly in it.

Patricia MontgomeryEdit


Patricia Montgomery is Jeanne's mother, and Daisy and Leslie's grandmother. She lives across the road from the Boone's, and often stops by.

Acadia BooneEdit


Acadia is one of  Leslie and Daisy's cousin on their father's side of the family. She doesn't live with the family, but does spend a lot of time helping out on the Boone Ranch. She's a very shy, gentle girl, and much like her cousin Leslie, a bit overgrown. She goes to school at Millard Middle School and is currently in the 6th Grade.