The Bow Family is a French/Italian/Irish/Spanish/Latin family. Jesse and Laura were childhood friends and were married after they graduated high school. They have four children -- Kevin, Yumi, Jackson, and Estella. Jesse works as a city architect while Laura stays home and occasionally cleans houses for money. They live in a modern appartment complex in the middle of the city.

Jesse BowEdit

Mr. Jesse Bow

Jesse is the husband of Laura and the father of Kevin, Yumi, Jackson, and Estella. He works as the city architect, but is able to work from home most of the time. He is full of energy and always has to be moving, and enjoys playing with his younger children as well as spending time with his older children. He is normally lenient with how strict he is, but can be very strict and demanding at times.

Laura BowEdit

Mrs. Laura Bow

Laura is the wife of Jesse and the mother of Kevin, Yumi, Jackson, and Estella. She is a stay at home mom and usually spends her time sewing. She is normally very calm, gentle, and appears rather composed, but she has a very romantic side of her and can become very outgoing.

Kevin BowEdit

Kevin Bow

Kevin is the oldest son of Jesse and Laura and the oldest of the children. He has graduated high school, but doesn't plan on going to college. He is currently a abstract artist and still lives with his parents. He has a bit of a dark, rebellious side, but since he has become an adult, he has dropped some of that attitude. He likes to pick on his younger siblings, especially Yumi, but deep down he really cares for them.

Yumi BowEdit


See: Yumi Bow

Yumi is the oldest daughter of Jesse and Laura and a middle child in the family. She is bright, bubbly, and cheery, and loves the color red...and bows. Much like her mother, she has a very romantic side, though she is more of a hopeless romantic, and oftens falls for boys. Some might call her a bit of an airhead. She loves spending time talking to her mother or playing with Estella.

Jackson BowEdit

Jackson Bow

Jackson is the second son of Jesse and Laura and a middle child in the family. He is very mischievous and spunky, and absolutely loves playing sports and being outside. Much to his mother's distress, he often comes into the house covered in dirt or mud. He tries to act tough and aloof, but he is very loving.

Estella BowEdit

Estella Bow

Estella is the second daughter of Jesse and Laura and the youngest child in the family. She, like her sister, loves bows, though her favorite color is green. She adores her sister and tries to be just like her, spending every moment she can with her. She is also a hopeless romantic, though she is only in elementary school.