Not to be confused with Christopher.


Character Info Edit

Side Good
Age 15
Role Bridgehollow Student
Grade 10th Grade
Friends Almost Everyone
Enemies ?
Favorite Subject Drama and Cookig
Least-Favorite Subject ?
Controlled by Wii maniac

Chris is a student at Millard High. He loves eating sweets and pastries, and is described as very nice and will do anything to take down the evil. He is friends with most of the other students in the school. A freshman in the old RP, he makes a return in the new Millard High RP but as a sophomore. Shortly after the school year starts, Chris moved away with James to Bridgehollow High School.

Chris and James make a return in Part 8 and 9, taking a tour around the building with a Bridgehollow class. No word yet if they will come back as regular characters.