Crazed Bell

Character Info Edit

Age Unknown
Role Bell
Friends N/A
Enemies N/A
Controlled By Sarasue1

The Crazed Bell is an insane talking bell that commonly speaks in "internet speak" or "gangsta lingo." It rings at the end of each period and yells at the students to get to their next class. He believes all the students and staff are idiots when he himself is possibly an idiot.

But there's more to the bell. It is actually possessed by a ghost of a former student who haunts the electricity of the school. This student died 7 years ago. His name was Martino Bello. He was that one student none of the teachers liked. He rarely showed up to school and when he did, he'd slack off all day. One day when in last hour science, the class had to do an experiment involving a new invention. Martino was playing on a portable device with his headphones in while the device was charging on an outlet next to him. The invention malfunctioned and ended up electrocuting him. When he passed out, no one bothered him, 'cause they thought he was just sleeping in class like usual... but he never woke up. Due to him being hooked all the way into the schools electrical system during his death, he managed to posses the wires and has been there ever since.