Doctor F

Character Info Edit

Age 58 (looks 28)
Role Science Teacher
Friends Kristine Rox, Alexa Lexington (ex)
Enemies Many of the Students
Controlled By Anybody (Shared Control)

Doctor F is a Science teacher at Millard High. Devious and eccentric, it's a wonder that he hasn't been fired yet with all the dangerous experiments that he's performed with his students. He is careless, possesses no concern for the safety of the students, and at times, even goes as far as to leave the students to themselves to cause chaos in the classroom.

In Part 19 of the New RP, he used the students as guinea pigs for his latest invention, the Age Ray. At first the machine didn't work, causing the students to turn into six-year-olds and then into elders. Finally, he fixed the Age Ray so it turned the students into young adults; what he wanted it to do in the first place so he could be young again. He then used the Age Ray on himself and turned the students back into their normal ages. Suprisingly, the younger doctor resembled a scientist from a poor, 1950's, sci-fi, B movie.

Adult ProfileEdit


  • Birthday: February 28th
  • Ethnicity: Spanish
  • Body Type: Unusually Skinny
  • Height: N/A
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Skin Tone: Light tan
  • Dominant Hand: Left


  • Interests/Hobbies: Preforming experiments, inventing, blowing things up, playing with his Collectible Kingdom Pals
  • Favorite Color: None-specific
  • Favorite Musician/Band: Chiptone
  • Favorite Type of Music: Techno
  • Favorite Food: Bananas
  • Favorite TV Show: Mythbusters, Modern Marvels
  • Favorite Book: Ripley's Believe it or Not
  • Favorite Movie: The Matrix, Inception


  • Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
  • Past Relationships: Alexa Lexington
  • Current Relationship: None
  • Alma Mater: Mad Scientist College
  • Past Jobs: Scientist and Inventor


  • Various Planes
  • Various Rockets
  • Various Cars
  • Various Weapons for all of the above
  • Zap-O-Tron (Telsa Coil)
  • Steam-O-Tron (Windmill)
  • Thought Reader F
  • The Makoto Series Humanoid Simulation Robot Line
  • The Detector
  • The Super Detector
  • The Toaster Oven
  • The fPod, fPad, fPhone, etc.
  • Memory Ray
  • Age Ray
  • Climatron Control Unit
  • Peanut Butter Helicopter
  • Jelly Submarine
  • F-Bot
  • F-Energy
  • F-tonian Physics
  • F-Board 5000
  • Bubble Generator
  • Giant Rampaging Robot
  • Brainfish
  • Robofish
  • AlexaBot Prototype Models 1 through 6.40

Relationships with Other CharactersEdit

Many StudentsEdit

Most pupils at Millard High (at least the fairly sane students) fear entering the Dr. F's laboratory every time they have science class. They are concerned for their health and are never quite sure if they will be able to leave the class alive. Dr. F, however, does not care much for their personal well-being and treats them all as if they were lab rats. He even sometimes calls them hamsters, guinea pigs, or monkeys to add to the effect.

Alexa LexingtonEdit

Kristine RoxEdit


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Age 28Edit

Age 58 and Age 28 TogetherEdit


  • "Dear Future Me, squirt one drop into your mouth when Alexa is mentioned to perk you up. DO NOT DO MORE THAN ONE. Love, Past Me."
    —Part 23, Sandy Impertinent discovering his special mixture that he squirts in his drink mouth to calm him down when someone brings up Alexa Lexington.


  • Dr. F is originally a MySims character.
  • "Doctor" is actually his first name, so technically the students call him by his first name when they address him.
  • Dr. F tells people that the F stands for Robots, but it's actually just simply "F".