The Howard Family is a German/Spanish family currently residing in the town Millard High is located in. The family is actually quite wealthy due to Edzard Howard being the CEO of a very successful company that produces matches and candles known as Sparks Fly Matches. For this reason, they live on the rich side of town. The members of the family that attend Millard High are Drew, Jess, and Sandy.

Edward Howard is married to a woman named Lynn. From her side is the Impertinent Family. The family consists of Lynn, Lynn's younger sister, Lacey, and their parents, Estelle and Alphonse. Lynn and Lacey were born in France but eventually moved to America when Lynn married Edzard. Estelle and Alphonse still live in France and own & opperate a café together.


Bamey HowardEdit

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Bamey Howard (or Gramps as his grandchildren call him) is the father of Edzard andJenn, therefore making him the grandfather of Drew, Jess, Sandy, and Mandy. He used to be an inventor-repairman-mechanic back in the day and actually met his wife, Jann, while fixing her broken television one time. He eventually retired when his son Edzard became a mult-millionaire and decided it would be easier to just mooch off of his son. This caused Bamey to become greedy and take his son's wealth for granted, however, his son is oblivious to it. When Jann got Alzheimer's disease he gave up on her and started cheating on her with their daughter-in-law's sister, Lacey. Naturally, Sandy is the only one aware of the affair besides Bamey and Lacey.

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Jann Howard (or Gamma as her grandchildren call her) is Bamey's wife whom has Alzheimer's disease. She was a little wrong in the head even before she had Alzheimer's. Bamey likes to say that Jess has Jann's "crazy". When she met Bamey she was inspired to become an inventor herself and she is currently creating her master project; a robot named Robert. She is unaware of the affair consisting of her husband and their daughter-in-law's sister.

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See: Drew Howard

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  • Originally Sandy and Mandy were going to have a little brother named Andy, but his character design was scrapped.