Character Info Edit

Side Good
Age 14-15
Role Daughter of Chief of Police, Student
Grade 9th Grade
Friends Leola, Joanna, William, David, Eli
Enemies N/A
Favorite Subject Science
Least-Favorite Subject ?
Controlled by Midnightblue05

Katrynn is the daughter of the chief of police and is a very well behaved young woman. She's best friends with Leola, despite their differences, and manages to bring out the best in her. She is also very good friends with Joanna, along with William, David, and Eli. She tends to be very quiet and goes along with most things. She have very low self-confidence and never stands up for herself--thankfully, Joanna and Leola are there to do it for her. Katrynn is genuinely nice, kind, and compliments everyone (except herself); she is an exceptional listener and a loyal friend. Her favorite subject is science, and she enjoys everything related to it.

Later on, she, along with Leola, Joanna, David, and William, transfer schools, but she comes back at Eli's request to be Darius's date to prom.


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