Character Info Edit

Side Neutral
Age 14
Role Artist and Former Deliquent
Grade 9th Grade
Friends Katrynn, Joanna, William, David, Eli
Enemies ?
Favorite Subject Art
Least-Favorite Subject ?
Controlled by Midnightblue05

Leola, previously, had been the worst student you could possible think of. She actually got sent to prison multiple times in the past (how she got out, nobody knows...or talks about). Now, however, she's reformed her ways...well, slightly. She's best friends with Katrynn, despite how much they're polar opposites, and is also good friends with William and David (and Joanna, despite how much they conflict). Leola tends to appear passive, respects other people, and is polite, but can be a bit aggressive and very snippy if she gets angry. She has a stubbornness and defiance to her that she tries to tone down, but it never seems to work; she also isn't afraid of anything (apparently). She's extremely strong and tall (just barely under 6 feet tall) and can beat up anyone if she chose to. Aside from that, she loves art and is an extremely good singer. She also carries around multiple pocket knives for no apparent reason.

She later transfers schools along with Katrynn, William, Joanna, and David. However, upon Eli's request, she comes back to be Cyrus's date to prom.


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