Leslie 'Les' Boone

Character Info Edit

Side Good
Age 14
Role Student
Grade 9th Grade
Friends Daisy Boone, Sky Skyler, Siobhan Hammond, Midna Blue, Alice Miller (somewhat).
Enemies Emette Smithe.
Favorite Subject P.E.
Least-Favorite Subject Art
Controlled by Pokemon-Trainer-Julia

Leslie is a freshman at Millard High, and most likely is tallest kids in the freshman class. After a psychologically-damaging year at his previous school, he constantly appears anxious or tired, and frequently he is one or the other. He's very protective of his family and friends, and it's best you don't hurt them in any way. He seems to be a little slow when it comes to technology and some elements of school, but he's exceptionally bright, especially when it comes to History.

Character ProfileEdit


  • Birthday: December 23rd
  • Ethnicity: French, Puerto-Rican
  • Body Type: Bulky
  • Height: 6'3" (final height 6'8")
  • Hair Color: Golden-Blonde
  • Eye Color: Amber
  • Skin Tone: Tan
  • Dominant Hand: Right


  • Interests/Hobbies: Playing Sports, Reading.
  • Favorite Color: Red
  • Favorite Musician/Band: Elvis Presley
  • Favorite Type of Music: Country
  • Favorite Food: Ham Sandwiches
  • Favorite TV Show: Watches whatever Daisy might be watching, ESPN
  • Favorite Book: Of Mice and Men, The Grapes of Wrath
  • Favorite Movie: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Report CardEdit

  • English: B+
  • Math: B-
  • History: A+
  • Science: C-
  • Computers: F
  • Gym: A+
  • Art: C+
  • Music: A-
  • Cooking: B-
  • Drama: D
  • Health: A

Relationships With Other CharactersEdit


Leslie and Daisy are siblings, Daisy being older by two years. She's very protective of him and never leaves his side, and if anyone would try to make him angry, Daisy's usually the person to cool him down. They've always gone to the same school as each other, and Daisy is very supportive of Leslie, and wishes someone would break him out of his shyness.


Leslie has a crush on Sky, mostly because she was nice to him during an English Class, and he thinks she's very pretty. Leslie tries to act as a sort of 'voice of reason' to Sky and her crazy antics, but he admires her liveliness. He asked her to the dance at Lunch one day (very nervously), and Sky said yes, but Leslie was quite upset to figure out that Sky only thinks of him as a friend.


Carlos can't quite be considered an enemy or a friend, but Leslie has a strange feeling about Carlos being together with his sister. He knows Carlos's 'type', and they've hurt Daisy before, so he's watching him to make sure he doesn't do anything stupid.


Siobhan is Daisy's friend and as a result the two get along alright. They hardly associate with one another, but when they do, they are usually trying to talk each other out of doing something rash.


" No. I sent 5 kids to the hospital last year, and I just got out of the cast I got myself during football, got stabbed in that same arm, and I really only joined last year to get dad off my back." --Part 4 , When Daisy asked him why he wouldn't join the Football team.

Other AppearancesEdit

What Happens To Him In ScienceEdit

  1. Had his usual sleepiness multiplied. (Took the chemicals that Daisy mixed.)
  2. Had turned 7. (Drank chemical-ridden water without knowing.)
  3. Had turned into a Girl. (Took chemicals that Sky mixed.)


  • His ringtone on his cellphone is 'The Good, The Bad and The Ugly' theme song.
  • Said cellphone is a fairly old keyboard phone. He only uses it for emergencies.
  • He's allergic to Oregano.
  • He's Claustrophobic.
  • He hates Spiders.
  • Leslie was named for his Great-great-great Grandfather of the same name, who fought in the Civil War.
  • Leslie's relatives on his father's side are descendants of Native Americans, so Leslie has Indian blood.
  • Leslie's Voice.
    Leslie's Voice