Character Info Edit

Age 43
Role Nurse
Friends Trevor Verily and Gordon
Enemies N/A
Controlled By No specific controller

Linda is the nurse at Millard High. She is responsible for taking care of students when they are in need of medical assistance. She is extremely humble and polite, always apologizing for whatever she says, even if she's said nothing wrong. She usually accidentally mixes up people's medication when giving it to people. In her spare time, Linda likes to play the piano and read historical fiction. She has a crush on another teacher in Millard High, Mr. Verily.

In March, she was killed by Sherry in order for her to take her place as the new nurse, Dr. Shane.



  • Linda was originally a MySims character.
  • At one point in her life she dyed her hair to brunette but then dyed it back because she thought that it was "too bold".