Makie Sumire

Character Info Edit

Side Good
Age 16
Role New Student
Grade 11th Grade
Friends Azusa
Enemies ?
Favorite Subject Art Class, Cooking
Least-Favorite Subject History
Controlled by Kogasa Beatrice

Makie Sumire (pronounced ma-kii soo-mii-reh) is a transferee from Japan. She moved because of her father's job. A yamato nadeshiko, Makie is very intelligent and is from a wealthy family, however, she's a perfectionist who tends to be naive. She's also popular with guys, though she's generally unaware of this. Makie has a tendency to rush when there's no time left for anything similar. She is first introduced into the new RP in Music class. Quiet and refined, but she's a bit shy since she's in a new surrounding, so she's not quite used to life here yet. Despite her kind nature, she has a "touch of iron" to her; she can't tolerate cruel people and will let them know she can't stand them. She also loves animals, specifically dogs. Despite her "social class", she enjoys trying on new things and she is also fond of video games, examples being Touhou Project, Princess Maker 4, and Rune Factory. She's also a skilled painter, though she refuses to call them "good".



  • In most RPs she appears in, she is a shrine maiden/miko, however, she's isn't one here, as her creator states that "It would be stupid for there to be mikos in America."
  • Her father runs a franchise of cafes, and Makie often comes to his main cafe to work as a waitress or chef. She's very good at cooking thanks to the second one.
  • Her appearance is based off Reisen Undogein Inaba from the Touhou games.