The Marshall Family consists of sisters Amanda Jane and Isabella. They live with their parents Rosalyn and Sir Charles. They are a rich billionaire family although they are not as snobby as other rich families. The girls' parents are actually quite caring and always help the poor. It is unknown what the family origin's are, although Amanda Jane and Isabella look a bit Mexican.

Sir Charles MarshallEdit

Sir Charles Cartoon

Sir Charles, also known as Ace, is a billionare who made his fortune by selling tires and making bets. He is also the adopted father of Amanda Jane and Isabella plus the husband to Rosalyn. He is also a really nice guy as long as you don't insult his family or hurt his daughters. Sir Charles usually gives financial support to his brothers so they can all raise their families right.

Rosalyn P. MarshallEdit

Rosalyn Cartoon

Rosalyn P. Marshall is a woman who loves organization and paperwork and she is a natural leader. She is the adopted mother of Amanda Jane and Isabella plus the wife to billionaire Sir Charles. Her current job is working in politics. Rosalyn seems to always have time for her family even with her working all the time.

Amanda Jane MarshallEdit

Amanda Jane

Amanda Jane is the oldest cousin and friend of Ame Cull. Her parents only enrolled her into Millard High not only as a favor to her aunt and uncle to watch her but so her parents can teach her the elements of high school. She's also been told that there are some attractive boys there which is sorta her weakness... and chocolate. But it's mostly boys that distract her. She also has some other cousins such as Joslyn, Kevin, Jamie, and Mira. Her family members that she's livng with are her adopted parents Rosalyn and Sir Charles and her little sister Isabella. She has a huge crush on the McRye heir, Jacob but only her sister knows. She and Isabella look identical but really aren't.

Isabella MarshallEdit

Isabella Cartoon

Isabella is the youngest sister to Amanda Jane and daughter to Rosalyn and Sir Charles. She is also the youngest cousin to Ame, Jamie, Mira, Joslyn, and Kevin. She does not attend Millard High but is always there whenever Amanda Jane has something to say. Although she looks young, she is actually 14.