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Age Unknown
Role Math Teacher
Friends N/A
Enemies N/A
Controlled By Anybody (Shared Control)
Morcubus is a Math teacher at the Millard High. Beyond time and space there is a world of black fire. From the heart of this maelstrom of horrors was born the abhorrent Morcubus, prince of monsters, a being who inhales joy and breathes out pure terror! He's actually a pretty nice guy, once you get to know him. Morcubus has (slightly) reformed his evil ways and now teaches Math at Millard High. He has a secret (or not-so-secret) soft spot for stuffed animals called Collectible Kingdom Pals™, and owns the complete collection, from the penguins to the teddy bears (his favorite ones are the bunnies). In times of chaos, he is very protective of them.

Relationships With Other CharactersEdit


Esma Anime Face


Morcubus has a girlfriend named Esma. They have known each other since childhood but only started dating recently. They are both rude to everyone whom aren't associated with them and they both have the desire for world domination. Even though his and Esma's relationship is strong, he has a bit of a crush on Dolores Grimes (or her punishments, rather).

In Part 22 of the New Millard High RP Esma discovered Morcubus' hobby of Collectible Kingdom Pals™. She decided to playfully dress him up in very girly attire since the target audience of Collectible Kingdom Pals™ are small girls. Unaware of his clothing, make-up, and hair, he went to work and never found out until last period while he taught every student. Although angered at first, he eventually (evilly) laughed it off.


  • "Now class, we will go over each and every question on the test so I can see the looks on your faces after finding out most of you probably failed miserably. Heck, I think I might even point out which students got each question wrong. How does that sound, you bloody little children?"
    —Part 17, expressing his true evil side for the first time.

  • Chantel: "Seriously fuck you teach."
    Darren: "Are you just angry today?"
    Chantel: "I know got the answers wrong but the guy is an a-hole."
    Morcubus: "Excuse me? Get to the Assistant Principal's office. Now."
    Sandy: "What's wrong with the normal principal's office?"
    Morcubus: "Pfft, his punishments aren't harsh enough. The new Assistant Principal's office is a whole entire different story. Seriously, when I heard her punishing the pupils who started the food fight I think I fell in love."
    —Part 17, sharing how he likes the assistant principal's way of punishing students much more than the real principal's way of punishing students..



  • Morcubus was originally a MySims character.
  • He often finds himself falling head-over-heels (or whatever the male equivalent to that is) over evil women, such as Mrs. Grimes.