Juliet Nova

Character Info Edit

Age 53
Role Astrology Teacher
Friends N/A
Enemies N/A
Controlled By Anybody (Shared Control)

Professor Juliet Nova was an Astrology teacher at Millard High. She is known to be very eccentric and whimsical, and is somewhat obsessed with aliens and outer space. She strongly believes in the existence of aliens. Sometime during Part 4 of the RP, Nova was charged and arrested for drug abuse, as well as fired from the school and replaced with Trisha Collern. After being fired from Millard High she started working at Millard Middle.

Adult ProfileEdit


  • Birthday: November 22nd
  • Ethnicity: French, German
  • Body Type: N/A
  • Height: N/A
  • Hair Color: Gray
  • Eye Color: Dark Turquoise Green
  • Skin Tone: White
  • Dominant Hand: Right


  • Interests/Hobbies: Stargazing, drinking booze
  • Favorite Color: N/A
  • Favorite Musician/Band: N/A
  • Favorite Type of Music: Classical and Techno
  • Favorite Food: Moon pies
  • Favorite TV Show: Z-Documents
  • Favorite Book: Various books on aliens, yetis, sasquatches, and krakens
  • Favorite Movie: N/A


  • Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
  • Past Relationships: Paul Wisniewski
  • Current Relationship: Odin Revolution
  • Alma Mater: La Fiesta Tech
  • Past Jobs: Ex-Professor, Ex-Ski Lodge Owner



  • Nova is originally a MySims character.
  • Her biggest fear is that when she meets aliens, they will ignore her and talk to everyone else as though she doesn't exist.