Samson Parker
AFM Samson

Character Info Edit

Side Good
Age 14
Role The Annoying Kiss-Up
Grade 9th Grade
Friends Blanky Elius, Dominick Altaïr, Alice Miller (love interest), Barry Altaïr, Daisy Boone, Aeolos Russo, Shikoba Ahtakakoop, Achimeir Fischr, Annabelle Bean
Enemies Sven Tristan Stalwart (one-sided on Sven's part)
Favorite Subject Gym
Least-Favorite Subject Math
Controlled by BlankyXP

Samson Parker is a freshman student currently attending Millard High. He's a very short, skinny 14-year old boy that looks and acts more like he's 10. Despite his small frame, he has an incredibly ravenous appetite. Often, he's following around Dominick Altaïr and Blanky Elius (much to the chagrin of the former), and have been friends with the two even before attending Millard High. He's also a huge kiss-up to adults. Though Samson has a decent number of friends, many of his peers (especially Dominick) consider him annoying; however he is, for the most part oblivious to it. Ironically, although he's a bit of a wimp, he loves horror movies and violent video games.

Character ProfileEdit


  • Birthday: January 20th
  • Ethnicity: English, Albanian, Arab, Italian.
  • Body Type: Boney
  • Height: 5'1"
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Skin Tone: Light
  • Dominant Hand: Right


  • Interests/Hobbies: Playing video games and soccer, watching any kind of TV (mostly cartoons), eating, and reading comic books.
  • Favorite Color: Red
  • Favorite Musician/Band: Linkin Park, 30 Seconds to Mars, The All-American Rejects, Fall Out Boy.
  • Favorite Type of Music: Alternative Rock
  • Favorite Food: Almost anything, especially candy.
  • Favorite TV Show: Adventure Time, Total Drama, Regular Show.
  • Favorite Book: I Am Number Four series
  • Favorite Movie: Up, Toy Story series, Saw series.

Report CardEdit

  • English: C
  • Math: D
  • History: B-
  • Science: C+
  • Computers: C+
  • Gym: A-
  • Art: A-
  • Music: B+
  • Cooking: A-
  • Drama: A+
  • Health: B+

Relationships with Other CharactersEdit

Dominick AltaïrEdit

Samson and Dominick have been friends ever since the 4th grade. Samson seems to see Dominick as somewhat of a role model (much to his annoyance). Although Dominick for some reason, just seems to be especially irritable towards Samson, often belittling him with sardonic remarks, he does see Samson as a close friend and appreciates having him around. Samson also often mooches off of Dominick, asking to borrow money and/or video games, as well as copying his homework. Overall, the two have a very brotherly friendship.

Blanky EliusEdit

Blanky and Samson, as well as Dominick, have been close friends ever since middle school. Blanky is more tolerant towards Samson than Dominick is. Because of this, Samson often confides with her if Dominick is too annoyed to talk to him. If Dominick is not available to copy homework or mooch from, Blanky is Samson's second go-to person.

Daisy BooneEdit

Daisy finds Samson to be completely adorable and often treats him likes a younger brother. Conversely, Samson loves being around Daisy, as he believes she's the nicest girl he knows.

Aeolos RussoEdit

Samson and Aeolos are often hanging out with one another, along with Dominick and Blanky. If Samson's not bothering Dominick or Blanky, he's usually talking with Aeolos. The two are decently close, for the most part.

Shikoba AhtakakoopEdit

Occasionally, Samson tries to help Shikoba familiarize with his new surroundings, although he often just ends up confusing Shikoba even more. So far, the two are both friendly acquaintances.

Alice MillerEdit

For a time, Samson had an infatuation with Alice. She, as he put it, was "his type of woman"; tough, strong, and spunky. Odd as it was, considering the two were almost polar opposites, Alice, in time, also grew mutual feelings. The two attended prom together. However, Alice later transferred out of Millard High to attend a private school.

Annabelle BeanEdit

Samson and Annabelle have a strange relationship. Annabelle seems to have [had] a crush on Samson, but like everyone else does, Annabelle will often tease and ridicule him.

Sven Tristan StalwartEdit

Much like Dominick, Sven finds Samson extremely annoying. Usually, he ignores him or just ridicules him with insults.


Other AppearancesEdit




  • Alice: *at the other table, mixing french fries, milk, and ketchup together in her lunch tray* "So. BORED."
    Blanky: *at Samson* "You have a weird taste in girls."
    Dominick: "Seriously."
    Samson: "What can I say? I like girls with a little SPUNK!"
    —Part 4, during lunch

  • Samson: "[...] I'll return the stuff I owed ya, Dom, you can count on me!"
    Dominick: "...not really."
    Samson: "I'll prove you wrong!"
    —Part 17, while discussing about the many things Samson owes to Dominick


  • Samson has an irrational fear of squirrels.
  • In regards to video games, Samson loves almost anything that's bloody and violent, particularly Dante's Inferno, Mortal Kombat, Grand Theft Auto, and MadWorld.
  • Samson has the sloppiest handwriting known to man; sometimes, he can't even read what he wrote himself.
  • Samson is extremely underweight; he weighs only 92 pounds.
  • Samson has a high-pitched, prepubescent voice that can be somewhat grating on the ears. A sound clip of Samson's voice (made in Tomodachi Life):
    Samson Voice