Thomas George Havec
Thomas Havec (Anime)2

Character Info Edit

Side Neutral
Age 15
Role Student
Grade 9th Grade
Friends Susan Bones (romantic interest), Peter Green, Gracie Gauld, Steve Spedster, Craig Spedster
Enemies None
Favorite Subject Music, English
Least-Favorite Subject Cooking
Controlled by Potterfan1997

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Thomas Havec is still a pretty average pupil who attends Millard High. He suffers from insomnia, which effects his learning greatly, as he is always falling asleep during classes. When his family moved to America from Australia, he was new to the neighborhood but managed to find a group of friends he fitted well into so, he is now good friends with Susan Bones (whom he went to the prom with) and Peter, Gracie, and the twins. He is also a newcomer character to the New Millard High RP.

Character ProfileEdit


  • Birthday: 19th November
  • Ethnicity: White, Australian
  • Body Type: Average
  • Height: 5'6
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Eye Color: Dark Blue
  • Skin Tone: Pale
  • Dominant Hand: Right


  • Interests/Hobbies: Drumming, Playing the Guitar, Sleeping
  • Favorite Color: Blue
  • Favorite Musician/Band: Eminem, Example, Dappy, Bon Jovi, The Beatles, Professor Green, Pitbull
  • Favorite Type of Music: Rap, Rock
  • Favorite Food: Pizza
  • Favorite TV Show: 24
  • Favorite Book: Various
  • Favorite Movie: 21

Report CardEdit

  • English: A
  • Math: B+
  • History: C
  • Science: B-
  • Computers: C+
  • Gym: B
  • Art: D
  • Music: A+
  • Cooking: E
  • Drama: B+
  • Health: B-

Other AppearancesEdit


  • He can back flip and front flip both from standing still.
  • He is ambidextrous.

Relationships With Other CharactersEdit

Gracie GauldEdit

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Peter GreenEdit

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Steve SpedsterEdit

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Craig SpedsterEdit

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