Random Lodge Scene

Timberlake Lodge is a luxurious, five-star lodge situated near St. Petersburg Mountains. Renowned for serving important historical figures such as Christopher Latham Sholes (the inventor of the typewriter), many would agree that it's everything you could ask for in a hotel. Antique paintings line the wooden paneling of the walls. Exquisite rugs and expensive mahogany furniture are all around the halls and rooms. The windows display a beautiful view of the ice-capped mountains of St. Petersburg. The lodge however, is surprisingly rather small in relativity to other lodges and has a very small staff. The lodge is ran by Evangeline Timberlake, the 98-year old founder. The cheapest room in this lodge costs a hefty $599 per night.

As compensation for the disastrous prom night, the principal announced that there would be a (mandatory) trip for all students to stay at Timberlake Lodge over the weekend. However, before ever reaching the lodge, the bus hits unexpected turbulence and falls off a cliff, leaving the students stranded in the wild until a search team came to rescue them.

During the Christmas break in Part 15, Zoey offered for a group of Millard High characters to go to the lodge with her to make up for the horrible trip. Zoey's father is good friends with Mrs. Timberlake and Zoey has been to the resort many times. With her family being close, she got a discount on rooms and such. The boys and girls were given separate rooms. Each person was issued a set of randomized roommates.

Room Manifest During Zoey's TripEdit

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