The Winter Family has been living in the small town of Smallton for many years. Or at least that's what has been told. Truth is no one actually knows where the family came from or how long they've lived there. Any time Sarasue is asked she'll just state that it's 'not important' and move on.

Bob WinterEdit


Bob Winter is Nathan's deceased father. His actualy cause of death is a secret but Sarasue claims he died in a construction accident.

Sarasue WinterEdit


Sarasue Winter is a widowed wife and mother of the three children. She tries her best to live a normal simple life but 'something' from her past is often brought up.

Izzy WinterEdit


Izzy Winter is the oldest child. She is not too fond of either of the twins for some strange reason. She's an incredibly intelligent and studious young woman and hates that her hard work goes unacknowledged my her mother.

Nathan WinterEdit


See: Nathan Winter

Nathan Winter is the youngest twin. He usually by his sisters side at all times and hates to be away from her. But under the current circumstances it has become very difficult for him to do so.

Ibby WinterEdit


Ibby Winter is the older twin and the braver one. She protects her brother when she can but when her urge for adventure calls she can't help but to be off in another location with out him.